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Think Solar. Think Anmax.

Solar Rooftop Systems for:
1. Group Housing Societies.
2. Villas and Row Houses.
3. Commercial buidlings.
We are registered with Goa Govt. to give direct subsidies.
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Tap the Sun

No More Dilly Dally- Call us today; you are literally losing out on your daily free energy units.

Zero Bills

Optimally designed systems eliminate your electricity bills. This investment shows real returns every month.

Feel Good

Do your part in this Climate Crisis. Be the change you want to see.

On Target

Avail govt. subsidy through us. Solar Power makes sense Economically and Environmentally.

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How Solar Rooftop Systems Work

  • 1. Photovoltaic(PV) panels convert sunlight on your roof to electricity for your house.
    2. Any exta units are sold to Electricity Department.
    3. You get benefits on your bill or even a check at year end.
    4. Decades of benefits with very little maintainence.
    5. Two types: On-grid and Hybrid

  • 1. On-Grid System: Powers your house during the day and exports excess energy to offset night requirements.
    Pros: Simple and cheap.
    Cons: No benefits during power cuts. During a power cut, this system goes offline to prevent linesman from getting a shock.

  • 2. Hybrid Systems: Same as on-grid, but also with battery backup.
    Pros: Solar benefits even during power cuts. Batteries provide backup for power cuts in the night.
    Cons: More expensive.

  • Scheme Name: MNRE Phase 2
    Eligibility: Residential units upto 10KW and Common Area of Group Housing Societies upto 500KW or 10KW per flat(whichever is lower)
    Amount: 50% of govt. 'Discovered' rate. Part of the subsidy is paid by central govt. and the other part paid by Goa state govt.
    Disbursal: Central govt. subsidy is provided directly by Anmax, while the Goa state govt. subsidy is credited directly to customer.
    Note on the Discovered Rate: It is a base rate used by the government for subsidy purpose only. It does not reflect the actual cost of project which can vary as per many factors.
    Anmax is Empanelled by Goa Government for Providing Subsidy vide Letter No. 1/302/GEDA/20-21/265 dt 16/07/2021


A Snapshot of our Projects.

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